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About My Personal Training Approach

Your Body Is Your Most Prized Possession

As a professional Personal Trainer, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. We are each responsible to care for is our bodies, and without a whole and healthy vessel, our work, loved ones, and emotions will be affected.

My method is to build an individualized plan based on your body, schedule, and fitness goals. We all have our own strengths and limitations, and through a custom program, I aim to transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.


What I Do

A Strong Body Is A Strong Life

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Mobility Training

Posture & Balance

Weight Bar

Muscle Building

Strength & Stamina

Kettle Ball Squats

Core Training

Tight & Toned

Holding Tummy

Pre & Post Natal Certified

A Healthier You & Baby

Kettlebell Workout

Group Training

Look Good & Have Fun


Client Testimonials

"Caroline and I have worked together now for over 6 months (and counting)! She is extremely prompt and professional, and her work outs are personally tailored to her clients.  In addition, she is a lovely person to spend time with - she's extremely smart and kind, and incredibly motivating."


I’ve been working with Caroline doing partner training for the last 4 months and she has worked with us on everything from simple muscle movements, stability, flexibility, cardio, large muscle groups, high weight strength training and so much more. Since working with her I have learned so many new exercises and noticed (in my personal life and other workout classes) that I am stronger than I have ever been, more comfortable in my skin and more confident with my form. She has been extremely flexible in working with our work schedules as well as helping give hotel workouts while traveling which has been an added bonus. The personal investment this experience has been has been is worth every penny and anyone who has a chance to work with Caroline should jump on it!

Shannon & Nicole

I had a blast working with Caroline. She’s very good at making the training experience well rounded and comprehensive, designing exercises from strength and cardio all the way to mobility and agility. Furthermore, she makes the session fun!


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A Bit About Me

Caroline Hughes first moved to New York to begin a career at a media agency focusing on digital strategy. After 7 years in the marketing world and following her love of fitness, she then began to work at surrounding gyms as a side hustle. When she received her NASM CPT a year later, she made the official career shift to full-time fitness professional.

She currently works at Switch Playground as a trainer and F45 as an instructor. Outside of group fitness, Caroline also enjoys the craft of putting together customized programming for each of her personal and small group clients. Beyond helping them develop strength gains and see change in their overall health, she also loves developing personal relationships with each. She encourages them to make small shifts in lifestyle choices towards better wellness and how to love, listen, and appreciate their bodies leading them be healthier and more confident.