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Dear Aquarius,

Contrary to what others might think, based on the song, you are not as hippie child as all that… Yes, people may associate you with the 1970’s movement because it was one of humanitarianism, and you are humanitarian of the zodiac group! Sometimes, however, you are so analytical of the group that you can be quite removed from the situation. So, while independence is important to you, being original for originality’s sake does not suit you.

Aquarius, you are a big picture thinker. This shows in your selfless acts for others and complete disregard for their opinions, but in all this doing, you can move so quickly that you become bored. You quickly move onto the next problem to fix in the world. This can leave many tasks unaccomplished, and therefore, the goal you set out to achieve initially, never being finished. You’re unable to help others because you are unable to stay focused….

The mind is an ever-going tasks to control. Since yours is hyper-active, you have to work even harder. One way to work through this is to open yourself up to avenues of creativity in your life. Whether it be music, painting, or dancing, any way you can express your art is a gift to humanity nonetheless.

When you have trouble explaining yourself because your ideas are so big start small with baby expressions of self through creative endeavors. You will be pleasantly surprised at how you are able to moves others with your creations!

Do not thwart your progressive nature, Aquarius, and do not get discouraged when others aren’t quite ready to join your movement. Rather take your energies and remember that while time is of the essence, time is also needed to make good outcomes, great outcomes.

You are growing everyday. Remember this and you will find your inner inspiration.

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