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Dear Aries,

Dear Aries,

You are impulsive and neurotic. 

When I try to classify you, all I see is a yappy dog. (Who’s bark is certainly bigger then it’s bite.) It seems like every time I look away, you’re onto another shoe. Chewing beyond the point of your jaw hurting. Chewing even once you are discovered under the bed ripping at the soles. But, what in your soul (yes, pun intended because you appreciate a quick laugh) is hurting so?

Perhaps it’s the thought that if you don’t act, then opportunity will pass you by? You may not even know what that opportunity may be, but staying still is not the option. Nothing happens when you are still. Your mind doesn’t stop so why should you body. You move to release the built up energy and you wear yourself down. All of a sudden it’s the end of the day and while much has been started, little has been accomplished.

This is natural for you though. Your thirsty curiosity has you dipping your toes in many metaphorical pools. Right as you are beginning to master something, boredom sets in, and the chase for a new subject is ignited.

This indulgence in your projects extends into your love life. The moment you feel your independence is threaten, whether by the other person or by your own feelings of deep care, you’re off down the steep mountain hills racing with one agile hoof in front of the other.

So dear Aries, you ask yourself why? Why were you burdened with this hyper-activeness?

It is because you are fearless!

You are fearless to try and do and experience. Being the youngest of all the zodiacs does not mean you are naive, it means that you know no limits! You are brave and like a child pulling pots out of the cupboard, you are creative, so before life gets you down, you beat life to the finish line.

Because of your bravery and zest, you are the leaders of leaders. Many come after you as if you were the very fountain of youth itself, and for their earnest following, you reward them with your loyalty because no one is a better friend then an Aries.

All good things considered, there is a balancing that must be settled. For, how are you ever to lead effectively when you are unable to stay on one subject for some duration? Take your courageous spirit, dear Aries, and use it against the one fear you have…

…the fear of being forgotten.

You are special my cousin Aries! Do not doubt this, but many times, when we realize how small our humanness is in the world, we start to believe how un-special we are, and for someone with as much specialness as you, this can be a tremendous blow to the ego.

Rather than being accusatory towards our ego, take what appears to be your weakness — fear of being neglected — and allow for it to teach you how to harness your powers. Fearlessly give yourself the recognition it deserves, the recognition you openly and happily give those around you, and tell yourself that you, dear Aries, are f***ing awesome. I mean you would hang out with yourself right?

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