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Dear Cancer,

Dear Cancer,

You are temperamental and like to hide.

In fact, your emotions tend to change hour by hour like the tides of the ocean. This makes sense being that your ruling planetary body is the moon, so steadiness is usually hard to come by with you. The moon is also closets to our current home planet, Earth, and so do you rarely venture beyond the edge of your comfort zone. The marshlands are a scary place with many predators, and because of this, you graciously love staying close to home. When the tides are high, you burrow deer into the sand and wait till it’s all over (or better yet, pretend like it’s not even happening).

The other side of the story is that while you might be timid, you are very strong. Cancer is a powerful archetype whose focus is not only on providing for your loved ones, but also, protecting them. You are known to be the natural nurturer of the zodiac.

The important thing for you to remember is that you can only give to others as much as you are giving to yourself. If you are unable to provide time for you to be your own gentle mother, then you will never be able to withstand the waves and the winds.

Allow yourself to take a moment, every now and then, to rest in your own goodness. You know how to care for others, so apply that same healing balm to your tired pinchers. Being overworked and tired, can led anyone into a frenzy of emotions, and you never want to displace those feelings onto someone you love. You can best prevent lashing out towards those closets to you by sufficiently resting.

So to recap, you are braver and stronger then even the biggest of the zodiac members, but this makes you the most susceptible to overworking yourself.

Take a recipe out of your own book of recipes, kind Cancer, and relax. Breathe in the salt of the ocean air as you look towards the sky. Allow the radiance of the moon to shine down on you and remind you that you are loved… just as you are, emotions and all.


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