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Dear Capricorn,

When a job has to get done, you are the one everyone calls, but there is more to life than work. Happiness, for you, comes when you are winning, however, winning doesn’t always equal success. The truth is that you never give yourself the chance to enjoy the process. You climb till you reach the top and when you get there you find it’s lonely, so you climb some more.

Perhaps this inability to feel finished with your work is due to the simple fact that feelings are a bit foreign to you. Emotions are a waste of time in your mind, and you push through them as fast as you push through your ‘to do’ list.

The truth is that no matter how hard you fight (and you do fight hard dear Capricorn) you may never be able to out pace these emotions. The best thing for you to do is have a seat on the ground outside and reconnect yourself to nature. As an earth sign with really strong grounded features, you are rationale and you are wise. Like the big sibling of the zodiac you take on responsibility with pride and honor. You are disciplined and self-control, so when do you have time for play?

That’s why I say go outside damnit and get dirty, plant a garden or take a walk. Do something to clear your head before you burn out. Be graceful with yourself, and pat yourself on the back.

…Okay, you don’t have to do it everyday, but once in awhile, especially when you feel yourself becoming somewhat pessimistic and more static then normal, go grab a glass of wine. You worked hard and tonight there is a new episode of the Real Housewives of New York on Bravo. You. deserve. it.

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