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Dear Gemini,

Dear Gemini,

You can be scattered and nosy.

Often times people go into a room and forget what they went in there to get, but you, Gemini, begin a conversation and it’s not long before you forgot the point you were trying to make. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m certain your more quiet friends appreciate your over-sharing, but it’s important to be aware of it so you can also practice your other gifts — the gifts of learning and listening.

When it comes to communication, you are the ultimate communicator! Your inquisitiveness allows for conversations to flow freely and that curious nature is one to deepen the relationships you have, so you are always surrounded by friends and the social butterfly at any party.

The more you learn the more you realize you don’t know, and this, my love, is where you can begin to feel your fists tighten and your heart race. When left unchecked, your dualistic nature has you fleeing to the opposite end of your personality, and you can become cold and judgmental. You struggle with decisiveness because you are afraid you will make the wrong decision based off the knowledge you’ve absorbed.

The truth is you can learn and learn and search and search, but the answer may never come externally because the answer is in you dear, uncertain Gemini.

You fear losing your freedom, but it is when you get still and turn your curiosity inward, you then begin to understand that you’re stopping yourself from experiencing the life you dream of! Your independence is right there for the taking when you trust that you are your biggest support. You are the moderator of the thoughts in your head, and you know how to balance yourself best. You can hold tight to this inner-knowledge because it is your true north!

So articulate and persuasive and intelligent Gemini, when you do find a certain someone who lights you up mentally and is as flexible and down for fun as much as you are… do not fear! This my very well be the stimulating and invigorating companion you’ve been trying to uncover this whole time, but know, that the more you recognize your greatness, the more easily they might be detected. And, the happier you both will be floating in the breeze, hand in hand.


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