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Dear Leo,

You may have many skills to boast about but humility is not one of them.

Yes, you stomp around like you are a gift to whoever encounters you, but while this confidence is contagious, it can also leave a sour taste in the mouths of others. Of course your intentions were never bad, so when you find yourself more alone than having the Pride surround you, it’s more often then not you find yourself lonely.

Similar to when a Hollywood star finally gets their moment in the spotlight soon normal life isn’t relatable and many past relationships feel a bit forced. You are genuine in your intent to share your stories of success, but those around you begin to believe that you just are not the same person they once knew.

Not all of this is your fault Leo, but when you find yourself speaking more then listening, it’s time to check yourself. Truly your enthusiasm and creativity can hardly be caged, but not everyone can keep up with that energy.

And while you are pushing so much for others’ attention, you bring about the thing you fear the most… being ignored.

Leo, you really are the star of stars but when your stardom blinds you to see what’s happening behind the scenes, your time on stage and in the limelight can be less joyous.

So for you lovely Leo, it is important to see the other as much as you wish to be seen, and since you are a caring and courageous spirit, it will only be a matter of moments before you have a swam of people around you that love you in all your eccentricity. You don’t have to try to be anything else but the rare and radiant creation that you were born to be!


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