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Dear Libra,

Balancing is a difficult feat! I can’t imagine how exhausted you feel. In fact, I bet sometimes it gets so overwhelming that you decide to treat yourself and often. These indulgences are fine in moderation but can really tip the scales if not!

Similarly, partnerships, be in with friends, family, or partnerships, are very important to you, so important perhaps, that instead of stating your needs you build of resentfulness. This resentfulness can weigh on your over time and pull you down causing one of the most valued areas of your life, your relationships, to suffer.

See Libra, you communicate well and often being the air sign that you are. You seek to be fair in all things, and are trusted as the mediator or negotiator of your friend group. Seeing both sides and compromising comes naturally, but you have to take a moment periodically and ask yourself are you compromising too much or too little?

Yes Libra, you might be pledged by multiple self-indulgent vices at anytime, but all you have to do to maintain the peace is to apply your generous spirit to yourself. Your heart deserves as much love and attention as the people in your life!

I know, I know. Giving to others brings you joy! I do not doubt that for one moment, but how are you ever going be comfortable when you don’t have your loved ones around you? Loneliness is a scary word for you Libra, but don’t fear it… embrace it!

Embrace all the silence because as you sit in the silence your inner voice will plant a seed in you heart that will grow into a beautiful bright love. It’s the love of self that no one but yourself can give!

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