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Dear Pisces,

Dear Pisces,

You are as intuitive as you are impressionable. This is probably due to your natural empathic gifts. You are open to love but your romantic tendencies can tend to lead you into the hands of those who might not treat your heart as lovingly back. You float from one potential life partner to another, and the second they show any sign of harm, you flee as quickly as you fell into their arms. This is because you have been hurt in the past…

But you love, love! In fact you love anything that is pleasure giving, and you can be quite vulnerable which is why your guard might be down more often then nought. It’s because you give others the benefit of the doubt, and this is not a bad thing. It just might bring about more heartache then what it’s worth.

See, as the last sign of the Zodiac, you are the old soul of the bunch. You are wise, relaxed, and steady in your emotions (most of the time). Your sign is ruled by Neptune, which means imagination runs deeper than you swim in the ocean. It’s this flourishing imagination which can make you feel less connected to self.

But imagine for a moment that you are able to love yourself as much as you love those around you. It is so easy for you to give attention to the needs of others, but try to take a moment and be still with your thoughts. It’s in this stillness that you can really connect to your spirit. It is this spirit that will guide you inner-ward to feel the same radiating love you give. It is in the giving that you will learn to receive.

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