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Dear Sagittarius,

Dear Sagittarius,

Spontaneity is your middle name! For you, life is not worth living if everyday is the same, and it is only a truly lived life when you experience all the thrills it does bring. You question and you probe and you will never be satisfied until you’re confident of the answer, but sometimes this skeptical nature can cause you from living in the moment and embodying the lessons life is sharing.

For you adventure is always out there, and it would be a nightmare to be married into a situation that you do not choose. (In fact, you might have chosen it, but the commitment is just too big of travel luggage for you to want to maintain.) Limited responsibilities, free from worry is your motto, but this mentality can negatively affect those around you.

It is unfair for you to fly in with all the answers, demand to be heard, and then flee before the real work begins. This isn’t how partnership functions and this is also not how we truly engage in deep learnings. Like an arrow fleeing it’s quiver, you strike hard and fast, but it isn’t until you learn to appreciate the moment that you will truly be open to what being present and content can bring.

So why are you so scared to stay still? Perhaps you are concerned that in doing so, your freedom will be taken from you. Yes, perhaps loss of freedom is greater than stability and knowing…. Truth. You will not be able to know everything and philosophical inquiry is part of being human and contemplating existence, but being a slave to flakiness is no way to live either. It’s like you are running away from a problem that doesn’t exist but in doing, so you are preventing yourself from being the natural-born leader you are.

Take that step today, spirit-filled Sagittarius, to stay present when you feel that tug to move. Perhaps in testing yourself this way, you deeper your intuition, and allow yourself to lead your ego in greater peace.

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