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Dear Scorpio,

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Dear Scorpio,

Your bite (or should I say sting) is actually bigger than your bark. When you are tampered with, you are not hesitant to let your victim know that the joke is on them. In your own self-righteous action, you decide what is on the wrong side of the law, and you hold your stance regardless of whether you might be proven wrong.

This is why, little Scorpio, many call you loyal. You protect the ones you love with all the earnestness of multiple armies. Your strength and fortitude is a hard burden to carry, so in a way to self-medicate you can often hide out and revert to alternative “healing” modalities that may not be of your best interests. The dark world of addiction is a slippery slope one of which you may not necessarily struggle with but is in the back of your mind nonetheless.

See, your ambition is so high Scorpio that you almost exhaust yourself before achieving your goal, or you do reach it and have to climb even higher because it didn’t meet your expectation. In life, you are your own biggest hurdle to tackle, and you are learning to accept yourself.

This may feel scary and even unnecessary, and you may think it’s completely impractical — your biggest pet peeve — but hear me out. Take that same bravery you show when taking a stand on your convictions and allow yourself, for just a moment, to see how others see you. As the honest person you are, you set an example for those around you. You are selective about who you let in, but know that the ones you have, love you and so you can love you too.

This doesn’t mean you get soft. It actually makes you stronger.

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