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Dear Taurus,

Dear Taurus,

You are stubborn and indulgent.

But, not indulgent in a way that seems impractical. In fact, you are one of the more practical of all archetypes! You know what you want and you stay focused till you get it.

It is your very determination that leads to exhaustion which results in your gluttony. It’s this metaphorical cycle that has you pacing around the bull ring. You remain dignified and unenthused until enough is enough and you race for the matador’s cape. You feel the sting of their swords, but your hard-headed nature has you ignoring it until your more injured — resulting in your defeat.

The truth is Taurus you have a gentle heart. Europa in Greek mythology has easily seduced by your care. Beyond this classic tale, the reason you work so hard is so you can be hospitable and host those who are close to you. Your home is one of comfort and the food you serve the most delicious and decadent of them all. This is your pride and joy Taurus. You love to display and give of your things.

When the working stops and there isn’t a soul around, you can begin to feel a little restless. You look to your things to validate you, but they don’t talk back. You fill your stomach with food, but then the plate is empty. You keep reaching for the things — money, precious jewels, alcohol — but nothing seems to fill that hole.

What you must remember Taurus is that you, at your core, are worth more than the things you possess. Being the fixed, earth sign that you are, you have the capacity within you to be the most grounded of the star gods. From your inner appreciation of beauty, you can create from within the beauty you desire to see on the outside.

Sing out loud. Cook or bake till your heart’s content. Producing as a means to give verses as a means to have, is your mantra lovely Taurus. You will always have enough if you remember that the creator of all the heart is within you.

Take this assurance of your worth and spread its’ message through out the land! From town to town, play your guitar and perform your dance. You will begin to manifest the very thing you were wanting — community with like-minded creators.


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