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Dear Virgo,

Dear Virgo,

Perfection is the name of the game for you, but hasn’t anyone explained that perfection is unattainable?

Yes, you have your lists, your to-dos for your lists, and your steps if those plans fall through. Does it actually help your anxiety or does it only make you more crazy?

Virgo, you are a doer, and doer get stuff done! Sometimes though in all the doing, are you ever able to take a breath? Yes, I am asking many questions Virgo which is typically your job as the analytical one in the bunch, but I wonder if you’ve had the opportunity to sit down and assess your situation…

Behind the outward perfection, lovely Virgo, is someone who is a servant at heart. You do not rest until you know everyone is taken care of. In fact, you will serve and serve and serve until you are completely exhausted. When you wake in the morning, you are back at it.

You serve because you are loyal and caring. You serve because it is the right thing to do. The trouble is it’s not always the right thing to do for your health. In fact, sometimes you get caught in such a routine that you neglect your own needs. You power through the day without a thought to your needs. This martyrdom-like behavior is only momentary until you start to become resentful.

Establishing strong boundaries for yourself and your abilities is the most effective ways of truly showing up for others. When you are taking care of yourself as much as you provide for others, you are stronger and more able to give to them. Also, as you reflect more on your inner-spirit, you realize that this self-awareness is vital because you experience your anxiety beginning to slowly dissipate. You begin to learn a very valuable lesson… the lesson of learning to trust yourself.

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