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Earth and Space

Why Astrology?

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung

I begin dabbling in Astrology from a very young age. I remember being most intrigued by it because of the archetypes it presented. As a child, I would draw character for each sign and give them to friends who were born under those signs.

As an adult, Astrology has become much more than that. Originally, I looked to it to give me answers about the future and what to expect, but I quickly learned that it is not just a tool for extrinsic needs. It is also a tool for intrinsic evaluation. 

Taking a look at our inner motivations and personalities, can help us beyond knowing ourselves better. It enables us to have greater love, communication, focus, purpose, and dare I say, happiness.


Three Part: Astrology Approach

Looking Up To Get Grounded?


Sun, Rising, & Moon

You, the world, and emotions


Planets, Signs, & Houses

What, how, and where 


Nodes, Aspects, & Attachments

Purpose, awareness, and growth

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A Bit About Me

As mentioned above, Caroline began learning about Astrology from a very young age. She initially began to shy away from the practice based on some foundational beliefs in her faith, however, she realized the energy that formed the universe is the same energy from which each of us is formed. The Moon affects the tides, so each of us can experience this exact same energetic pull from the all the heavenly bodies. 

Now learning that Astrology is so much more than a fortune telling tool and having experienced unique insights into her own life, Caroline embraces Astrology wholeheartedly and can point to specific breakthroughs it's helped her have about herself!